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Auto Locksmith

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Emergency Locksmith

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Lock Change

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This page presents a collection of answers to commonly asked questions about locksmith services. What do you know about your locks? Get to know more things about your security and how to maintain locks in order for them to last.

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Do you often wonder about security locks and problems? Get answers to your FAQ here.

Do security door locks last?

The truth is that high tech door locks can provide great protection for many years as long as you do lock repair every now and then. In the meanwhile, new security door locks are introduced in the market and, of course, you don't have to have the current locks replaced every time a new product comes out. You should replace them when they stop offering the expected protection and new locks can provide greater home security.

How can I maintain my locks?

First of all you may ask our technicians from locksmith company how to perform simple maintenance checks. Make sure to look for wear and tear when inspecting the locks and try to do so every few months.

How will I know the lock mechanism is broken?

It's easy. You'll know the lock mechanism is broken when you turn the key and the bolt doesn't lock. The key turns but the door is unlocked. When the lock mechanism breaks, it's usually not repairable. In such cases, lock replacement will be needed.

Is there any way to completely avoid being locked out of my car?

Unfortunately there is no true guarantee that you will not be locked out of your car at one point because of all the factors involved. However, you can lessen the chances of that ever occurring by having your car key duplicated and keeping it on your person at all times.

Does a special key that can't be copied or re-cut by someone else exist?

This is a very sensible idea if you like to keep physical keys, or have a master key for all your locks. After a survey to check the type of locks you keep, it will be possible to craft a key that cannot be copied without your authorization.

Can the combination to my safe be changed?

Yes. However, with a combination lock, it is generally recommended that you have our technicians change the combination because doing so is rather technical and requires the use of a special safe change key. With electronic locks, the process is simpler using the instructions that came with your safe. However, should you need help, just give our experts a call and we will be happy to change the combination of your safe's locking mechanism.

I can try to open the car myself, why should I call a locksmith?

When you use a clothes hanger or other device to attempt to open a locked door, you risk doing damage to the inside of it, scratching painted surfaces, and possibly damaging the lock cylinder itself. Repairs or replacements can often outweigh what it would have cost to hire a professional locksmith. In addition, most insurance companies won't cover damage done by you or some other non-professional.

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